A group of women from the international community in Luxembourg volunteering together to support women with cancer.

Carrie Cannon, co-founder and Chairwoman: When a person is diagnosed with cancer the impact ripples outwards affecting family, friends, employers, colleagues and acquaintances. Think Pink Lux aims to support those people .

Freda Deed: I joined the Think Pink Lux team for many reasons. The main ones being:

- I have known close family, friends and neighbours who have suffered from and/or have been affected by cancer in one form or another

- the encouragement of a close friend of mine to train with her to join her in the ING night marathon to raise money for Think Pink’s Marian Aldred Award for cancer research in Luxembourg

- the dedication of the Think Pink committee to continue to raise awareness and to raise money by a variety of events, such as the annual ladies night, ING night marathon, Opera evening, educational talks to businesses in Luxembourg, all of which are key in raising money towards cancer research in Luxembourg

- the support that Think Pink Lux provides to the international community in Luxembourg in confronting the disease and its treatment in unfamiliar language and surroundings.