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Support Groups

Sharing experiences, listening, being there.

A support group provides an opportunity for sharing personal experiences, feelings, coping strategies and information about diseases or treatments.

Think Pink Lux Support Group  is for those who want to meet maybe just once and for those who want to meet more regularly.

If you would like to join the support group please send your details via the contact page or directly to thinkpinklux@gmail.com. 

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ING Marathon

ThinkPinkLux participates annually in the Luxembourg ING Night Marathon to raise funds for the Marian Aldred Award. Runners can sign up for the Marathon, half-marathon, team run and the 5K run. ThinkPinkLux asks that each participant raises a minimum sponsorship of 100 euros.

2019 ING TPL Night Marathon

2019 ING TPL Night Marathon


Marian Aldred Award

The Marian Aldred Award has been designed to fund education or research into cancers which affect women and/or to provide support to women and their families whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Read more here.


Awareness Talks

ThinkPinkLux aims to raise awareness about cancer, the importance of early detection, screening, signs and symptoms, treatments and care by spreading the word through talks and presentations in organisations, clubs, and at events. We want to make a difference!

If you are interested in our awareness talks and would like a presentation at your organisation or event, please send your details via the contact page or directly to thinkpinklux@gmail.com. 

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Relais pour la Vie

ThinkPinkLux participates in the Relais pour la Vie, a non-athletic team event to raise funds for Fondation Cancer. Read more about it www.relaispourlavie.lu


Ladies night

The ThinkPink Ladies Night fundraiser in October is a great evening for women to get together to show solidarity have fun and support a cause.